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"AIMP | Lightweight audio player with a variety of features"
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The product presented here is called AIMP. It’s a freeware audio player first released in 2006, created by the Russian developer called Artem Izmaylov, hence AIMP stands for Artem Izmaylov Media Player.

So, here you have a lightweight audio player suitable for any type of user, whether a novice computer user or an experienced one. If interested in finding out some more details about it before hitting the download button, consider reading on.

AIMP is an easy-to-use audio player

If you’re new to AIMP and if you have no experience with dedicated audio players you might have been using the standard Windows Media Player which comes standard with your operating system. This is a player aimed at multimedia in general and might not be exactly what you’d expect for playing back your favourite digital audio tracks. On the other hand, if you’ve been using other audio players, you might find them rather complex and confusing. Especially since various developers have tried to put more and more features into the latest releases of their players, some might be considered overkill or negatively influencing their performance.

Well, with AIMP you’ll get a nice, simple yet efficient alternative for the latter and an easy-to-use audio player for those who never used a dedicated one.

AIMP is nevertheless an advanced audio player that counts with one of its main features being the advantage of consuming few system resources. Although being a lightweight player, it will provide the user with a complete set of options and functions allowing the correct playback of audio files, yet presenting a clean and intuitive graphical interface.

Its well-organised interface can furthermore be customised using skins, of which various in different colours are readily available.

AIMP is capable of playing many file types

Digital music comes in many formats and the digital audio technology is continuously improving, hence you can encounter files with a wide range of extensions. Now, when using AIMP you should not have to worry about this as it can play back most of the ones you’ll encounter. To mention some: RMI, MP2, UMX, IT, AIF, MP3, WAV, MOD, CDA, PLC, Audio CD, MO3, KAR, S3M, MP1, FLAC, M3U8, XM, CUE, M3U, AAC, WMA, OGG, APE, MID, WV, and more.

The sound quality is good, but of course an important aspect is your hardware, such as your soundcard, audio interface and speakers.

Note that AIMP supports the sound card Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) driver protocol for the higher-end interfaces, as well as DirectSound and WASAPI audio interfaces.

Now, we won’t enter into further technical details, but we will mention this audio player features volume normalisation. The latter means that volume differences between songs will be normalised. As such, when playing back a playlist sudden volume changes will be prevented.

Conclusion about AIMP

AIMP is a lightweight, easy-to-use yet powerful audio player suitable for anyone. It has all the features you will probably need and the chance you will encounter an audio format it can’t play back is minimal.

So, why don’t you give it a try? It’s freeware after all.

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