Android Newsgroup Downloader

Android Newsgroup Downloader

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"Modern Usenet newsgroup downloader for huge binary newsgroups"
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Android Newsgroup Downloader

As you reached this page and are reading this article, you supposedly know what Usenet newsgroups are all about, as here we present the dedicated product called Android Newsgroup Downloader, an automatic downloader for Usenet newsgroups designed with downloading from huge binary newsgroups in mind.

For those new to Usenet newsgroups, one could say it is one of the oldest computer network communication systems around yet before the World Wide Web, the latter evolved to the internet as you know it now, was developed.

Android Newsgroup Downloader can handle all types of binary newsgroups, including pictures, movies, music, archived applications, among others and it even supports encrypted Usenet services.

So, if interested in finding out more about this dedicated Usenet newsgroup downloader's features, proceed to the download.

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