Appnimi Zip Password Unlocker

Appnimi Zip Password Unlocker

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"Recover passwords for protected ZIP archives"
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Appnimi Zip Password Unlocker

You might have created ZIP archives, which is one of the most popular file formats used for data archiving and compression. From your Windows Explorer you can even send files and folders directly to a compressed ZIP file, depending on your operating system version.

Now, one of the advantages of ZIP archives is that you can password-protect them and as such prevent unauthorized access to the data contained in the archive.

But, as is the case with archives, they might rest untouched for a long time span, and when needed, you might have forgotten the carefully crafted secure password you used to protect your data.

So, here we present Appnimi Zip Password Unlocker, a utility to recover that password.

Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker's only purpose is to search for that password using a brute force algorithm.

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Version 2.1
License Freeware
On Site Since 28/November/2012
Author Appnimi
Last Update 25/September/2013
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Home Server, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008