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"Connect and manage all Bluetooth devices from one single place"
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The magnificent Bluetooth technology allows wireless connections between mobile phones and other (mobile) devices, that have been designed with Bluetooth compatibility. This allows the transfer of data and voice over short distances.

Nowadays, it is very useful to have a program capable of supporting you at any time you want to take care of your Bluetooth devices. Bluesoleil is the ideal tool to manage, connect and access all your Bluetooth devices from one single place. There are many features that will let you perform a diversity of tasks.

With this tool you will be able to detect and connect mobiles phones, digital cameras, printers, wireless headphones, joysticks, printers and other Bluetooth devices. Once your Bluetooth devices are connected, Bluesoleil will enable them to perform the tasks they were designed to do. For instance, you can transfer images from your digital camera, share information and data with your mobile phone, synchronize with your PDA, and more.

Bluesoleil is easy to handle. It offers a simple interface with graphical icons, specially created for each type of device. Just select one of them and see all active devices you can get connected to.

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