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"Multimedia pre-production system to help create your projects"
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Celtx is an excellent program for anyone involved in multimedia projects because it will facilitate the whole process of delivering a final product by replacing the traditional paper and binder pre-production with a more complete digital approach. It can be helpful in the creation of all types of media, whether it be for visual or audio oriented output, or a mix of both. Think for instance of video, theatre, advertising, video games, music video, podcasts or any other story that needs to be told.

When creating these products, most of the important work is done at pre-production time when various things get decided yet. Celtx is a simple tool that will allow the input of images, as well as text from external files. All your notes can be put together and controlled through the same window giving a better overview of the project's needs.

Finally, this software is not limited to the pre-production process only, but it also offers functionality for the planning and scheduling through a built-in agenda.

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