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"Now you can organise any kind of collection easily"
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Collecting things is one thing, organising your collection or collections is another issue. Now, as you landed on this page you probably are a collector looking for a software solution to facilitate dealing with the latter because here we present a dedicated product, called Collmate. Its title stands for Collector’s Mate and it’s a database solution that is not collection-specific. As such, Collmate can be used to track any kind of collection, whether Chinese vases, coins, DVDs, dolls, or others.

As a matter of fact, it’s a simple and easy-to-use solution featuring an intuitive graphical interface that will allow you to organise one or multiple collections only requiring you to dedicate some time to input your possessions, describing the collectible, attaching an image and providing additional information. It also features a loan manager and a report generator, as well as export functionality.

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