Color by Numbers - Princesses

Color by Numbers - Princesses

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"A coloring book that allows your child to color princesses"
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Color by Numbers - Princesses

Do you have a child who dreams of becoming a princess? Does she daydream of wearing beautiful dresses? If so, then she will probably like the following application. Color by Numbers - Princesses is a coloring book from the series of ColorItByNumbers. It is a book that allows your child to color the dresses of many different types of princess, ranging from exotic to classic princesses.

Color by Numbers – Princesses will not only be fun for your child but is also very educational. The application can be used to teach your child how to count, since every color has got a specific number from 1 to 9. It will also help her memory, since the image is divided in sections and each section has a number, she will have to remember the number of the section to be able to select the correct color.

Color by Numbers – Princesses has two different ways in which your child can color the picture. The first way is to color the image by numbers and it has two different modes, easy and expert. In expert mode the picture is divided into smaller sections, making it a little bit more difficult. The other way allows your child to color the the images however she wants.

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