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Computer Use Reporter

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"Computer Use Reporter | Find out everything that happened on your computer"
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Computer Use Reporter

The product presented here is called Computer Use Reporter. That’s a fairly self-explanatory title for a program that will report you on how a computer has been used. It might be particularly interesting for shared computer owners, small businesses or concerned parents, to find out what others have been doing.

This free download of Computer Use Reporter will not only enable keeping a log of all actions performed on the computer it’s installed on, but you’ll also be capable of keeping an eye on it stealthily.

Computer Use Reporter provides detailed information

Computer Use Reporter is a special application that acts as a confident friend who tells you what your relatives or employees have been doing on your computer. That’s right, it has capabilities to monitor any program that is used on a certain PC, then it lets you know which files and websites have been accessed from those programs, but not only that, it also provides information about the time when they were accessed and even the users who did it.

How does Computer Use Reporter work?

You probably noticed application windows come with their title bar on top, displaying the name of the program or in case of a web browser, also the name of the website. The same goes for Microsoft Office applications and as such, for example, MS Word will also display the title of the open document in its title bar.

Well, Computer Use Reporter can record the exact time and date when title bars have been opened, as well as the time and date for each change occurring to them.

As such, Computer Use Reporter gets the job done by recording both the texts that appear on the title bars of programs, as well as their related timing information.

For your information, when using the standard Windows configuration settings, such title bars are mostly blue coloured and displayed at the top of the application windows.

Working with Computer Use Reporter is easy

Computer Use Reporter doesn’t require much from you, the person who installs it. Basically all you need to do is download and install it to have it up and running. It might be worth recommending you consider where the log will be saved, as make it difficult to be spotted by someone browsing your system.

As you can see on the screenshot captures of its graphical user interface, Computer Use Reporter is simplistic, offers you to easily uninstall it completely, print or save a report, save the information as a spreadsheet or clear the current report file. You can change the configured password and set the location of the report file, refresh the display and access the help instructions.

Conclusion about Computer Use Reporter

So, if you want to know what is going on on your computer, with Computer Use Reporter you might just have found the lightweight solution you need. It won’t take screenshot captures or videos, nor log keystrokes, but it logs the title bar items annex timing information, which will give you a vast amount of information about programs opened, documents edited and websites visited, among others.

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