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"CorelDRAW | Graphic design software optimised for vector-based illustrations"
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The product presented here is called CorelDRAW. It’s a vector illustration and page layout software used by millions, providing drawing and tracing tools, a solution for professional photo editing and even be used for website design purposes. It's an application only available for the Windows platform at the time of writing and here we offer you the download of its latest version, called CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7.

CorelDRAW is suitable for novice and graphic design professionals

CorelDRAW is a powerful graphics design software solution that became an industry standard for professional designers since its first release. Thousands of high-resolution photos and fonts, as well as templates, frames and patterns, among others, are provided. As a matter of fact, anything you need to start your own project is readily available: you can just import some templates and alter them according to your style and creative sense.

For the real graphic design professionals, CorelDRAW reinvented the art of creating and editing digital images. It allows you to create layouts and position objects with ease, thanks to the temporary guidelines. Note that this can also be useful if you want to design interactive websites, as it will enable you to easily customize any web page element.

A brief history of CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is a renown vector graphics editor with a history that started in the late eighties, around the year 1987 development got initiated and it was first released in 1989. Corel already had desktop publishing systems and wanted a vector-based illustration program to bundle with these. Over the years it has grown and TrueType was included, it was paired with a font manager, Corel PhotoPaint, a photo editing program, among others. As a result, here you can download the free demo version of this all-in-one graphics suite.

CorelDRAW is a feature-rich solution

Let’s list you the new, enhanced and some other features of the current version of CorelDRAW: redesigned, fully customisable interface, advanced workspaces, total control over fills and transparency, vector bitmap pattern fills, multi-display and high-resolution support, precise drawing and layout tools, advanced photo editing and special effects, advanced character tools and easy font preview, a QR code generator, learning materials and expert tips, built-in content exchange, easy colour harmony editing, easy professional website design, royalty-free quality content, compatibility with the latest file formats, advanced OpenType support, document styles, complex script support, creative vector shaping tools, custom-built colour harmonies, page layout tools, built-in content organiser, easy bitmap-to-vector tracing, and a lot more.

Conclusion about CorelDRAW

If you’re serious about graphics design and you’re on a Windows computer, CorelDRAW is a standard you can’t neglect. What you’ve been reading here is nothing but an introduction. Consider taking a look at the provided preview images as well and hit the download button to get the latest demo version of this graphics suite so you can start evaluating this product right now.

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