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"Create, edit, burn image files, emulate CD/DVD virtual drives and much more"
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DAEMON Tools is a powerful and advanced all-in-one program with several outstanding capabilities. It is possible to efficiently create images out of MPE, FLAC, APE audio discs, data discs, between others by using preset profiles, pretty easy for anyone.

The program includes a useful tool you can use to edit and make the necessary modifications to already existing images or files contained in images. It is possible to divide image files into multiple parts for specific purposes. Once you have performed all changes you had in mind, the program´s burning utility allows you to record to DVD or CD. By creating Blu-ray, DVD or CD image files you can have backups for all your data.

Between the capabilities of DAEMON Tools, we can also find the Image Compression utility that allows compressing Blu-ray, CD and DVD images. Not only that, but thanks to the Password protection feature you can keep any of your Blu-ray, CD or DVD image files protected and safe.

With this fully functional program, you can create up to 32 SCSI Virtual Devices. Now, you have the possibility to obtain even more virtual drives for Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs and HD DVDs. That´s not it, DAEMON Tools features an innovative function advanced users will like a lot. This particular possibility allows the program to emulate up to 4 IDE Virtual Devices.

The Image converter is a useful tool to convert Blu-ray, CD and DVD image files to the program´s native format *.mdx files (Media Data eXtended format). With all image files in this format, you can use the full capacity of any function and avoid compatibility issues.

DAEMON Tools even lets you to assign folders to virtual drives. You can open the assigned folders in My Computer to access the virtual disc data.

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