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"Develop professional applications in C/C++ language"
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Dev-C++ is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and compiler that allows creating softwares using the C/C++ programming languages. It brings a range of all types of tools that will enable you to develop from the very beginning until the program is finished. We can mention its built-in and full-featured compiler, code depuration system and others.

You will be able to use all these useful functions from a very clear and intuitive interface, which you can use to write, compile, debug and run programs that have been written in C.

With Dev-C++, programmers can compose their entire source code without necessity of spending in several features offered in other programming environments on the market.  

The best of all is that this environment allows developing many types of projects such as console and visual applications.

In fact, Dev-C++ counts with a complete system for the creation of installers. It is a tool to create professional products.

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