Easy File Locker

Easy File Locker
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"Hide your data and make it inaccessible without the correct password"
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Easy File Locker

The product presented here is called Easy File Locker. It is a free solution for hiding files and folders from others and it furthermore will protect unauthorized access to them, as no one nor any program will be able to read, open, modify, delete, copy or move these locked items.

As such, if you were looking for a security solution like the one just mentioned, you might consider proceeding to the download of Easy File Locker, which comes with a password-protected graphical user interface.

So, without knowing the password you defined, it will be impossible to launch this program, nor to view the hidden files or folders. Your files will stay locked and as such you can be ensured your data won't be destroyed, copied, read, moved, modified, or used for any other operation, nor by a human nor by another application.

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