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"Encrypt the data that is saved on your portable storage device"
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USB flash drives, mobile phones, memory cards and multimedia players are great devices to transport data, since they are very portable. You will sometimes have confidential, important or personal information in them too. The problem is that these devices aren't very secure. For example, if someone gets a hold of your USB flash drive, they will be able to access all of your data by just plugging it into a computer. We like to present to you with a program with which you can overcome this problem.

EasyLock is a utility that will protect and secure all of your files and documents that you may have stored in your portable device. It does this by encrypting your information and by adding a password. You will only be able to access your files if you enter the correct password. The application uses a secure 256bit algorithm called 'AES-256' to encrypt all of your information. This method is also used by governments and the military; it is one of the most secure encryption methods that are currently available. If the person who stole your device tries to crack the password, EasyLock will securely delete all of the data, stopping them from getting your valuable files.

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