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Family Keylogger

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"Log all keystrokes entered in your PC while you were not around"
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Family Keylogger

Family Keylogger is a very useful tiny application that allows you to find out what people have been typing in your computer while you were not around. This is ideal for those who have to share their PCs with other users, or else for people who want to spy on other users although it is a pretty immoral thing to do.

The best of all is that you can set Family Keylogger´s start-up parameters in order to make it run in hidden mode. The feature keeps the application hidden from other users´ eyes, so that you can be the only one who knows about it. The best of all is that you can log everything that was typed while you were not in front of your PC, including details such as time, date and even the program used to type.

With Family Keylogger you´ll know if someone is giving confidential information about you through the internet.

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