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"FileZilla Client | Open-source FTP, FTPS and SFTP client application"
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FileZilla Client

The freeware download offered here is called FileZilla Client. FileZilla is open-source FTP software consisting of a server and client application, but most of you only need the client available here for the Windows platform.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, a standard network protocol with a history that goes back to 1971, way before the internet as we know it nowadays. Nevertheless, TCP has been adapted and evolved over time, and still is the dedicated protocol used for transferring files, such as uploading pages to a webserver, to mention just one example.

FTPS and SFTP are more secure variations we won’t detail here, but which are also supported by FileZilla Client.

FileZilla Client, a versatile and feature-rich FTP client application

With FileZilla Client you’ll get an easy-to-use FTP client solution featuring an intuitive and tabbed graphical user interface (GUI), support for dragging and dropping, quick connection, IPv6, FTPS, SFTP, resume functionality for large file transfers, a transfer queue, a site manager, bookmarks, remote file editing, directory comparison, configurable transfer speed limits, filename filters, a network configuration wizard, keep-alive functionality, logging, synchronised directory browsing, among others.

FileZilla Client is an FTP client with a reputation earned because of its rich feature set and options, providing a user-friendly graphical interface. We won’t go into a detailed description of each feature, as that might lead us into technicalities which might be more confusing than helpful. Any which way, we can say all its functions are smartly organised using tabs, offering a dual-pane view of your local computer’s folders and the remote folders on the server. As such, you can simply drag-and-drop items between those.

FileZilla Client, the FTP client for novice and advanced users

FileZilla Client is an ideal FTP client solution for novice users as it features an intuitive graphical interface and enables one to quickly connect to an FTP server and drag files around.

Advanced users will surely have found some interesting features enlisted in the previous section, such as the site manager, the transfer queue, remote functionality, significantly facilitating working with multiple FTP servers, managing several downloads, and so on.

Besides being a pretty fast FTP client, FileZilla Client is capable of resuming downloads and working with very large transfers. Resume functionality might come in handy when transferring files bigger than 4GB, which this program can handle without any problem.

Last but not least, the FileZilla Client also supports connections through firewalls and proxy servers.

Conclusion about FileZilla Client

FileZilla Client is a freeware FTP client solution featuring support for secure protocols, suitable for both novice and advanced users, with a tabbed graphical user interface facilitating all your file transfer tasks and need.

Note that elsewhere on Winportal we also presented the portable version of this freeware FTP client application, as well as the freeware FileZilla Server.

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