Find the Difference Game

Find the Difference Game

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"Can you spot the differences between two pictures?"
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Find the Difference Game

Looking for some interesting game for your children? Well, continue reading on, as here we present the Find the Difference Game. Nothing new, nothing extraordinary, but always fun for children, as they will need to spot the dozen of differences between two given pictures.

The differences to be encountered in the Find the Difference Game can vary, things may have been changed in some way, have a different size, a colour alternation, something might be missing, another item might be added, among others we won’t tell to keep it somehow exciting to be played.

The package includes 25 pairs of pictures to deal with, guaranteeing your children will be entertained for a while, which at the same time teaches concentration as well as visual discrimination skills.

So, proceed to the download if you think your children are up to this kind of challenge.

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