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"Download Firefox and enjoy a faster and safer internet"
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The top web browser named Mozilla Firefox and now simply Firefox is free and open-source web browser. Initially released in 2002 it matured over the years to become the full-featured product of which you can now download the latest version for the Windows platform here. It’s available in over 75 languages at the time of writing and versions of it exist for other computer and mobile platforms as well

Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine also developed by the Mozilla Foundation annex its subsidiary the Mozilla Corporation, supporting the latest current web standards as well as anticipating future ones. In several countries Firefox is the most used browser and generally speaking it belongs to the top three most used web browsers at this moment.

The browser history goes a long way back and Firefox started when the heydays of the Netscape browser were over and now we will present you the latest version’s details.

Firefox is committed to your privacy and puts you first

Mozilla, the company behind Firefox has been recognised as the most trusted internet company for privacy in the year 2012 and they clearly state they will respect your private information. Besides providing you with a series of security and privacy related features, this web browser will enable you to change it to match how you use the web, remove items you don’t use and arrange the items that matter to you. Furthermore, it is considered a browser that will enable you to do faster what you do most. Furthermore, tons of free extensions and plug-ins allow you to add extra features to your browser.

Hence, here you have a trusted, flexible and fast browser.

Surf the web and enjoy the feature-rich Firefox experience

If you don't know the Firefox browser yet you might be up for an interesting journey into the possibilities of a modern web browsing experience, especially when trying out this major browser alternative for the first time.

The latest version of this browser encompasses a so-called social API integrating services from several social sites, enabling you to receive notifications directly into the browser. It comes with a detachable chat window, enhanced private browsing, support for HTML5 audio and video, built-in Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer functionality, support for a multitude of extensions to enhance its basic functionality, advance tab handling, Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.1 and 1.2) implementation, support for VP9 video decoding, among others.


Firefox rightfully belongs to the top web browsers used on various platforms. Now, this open-source browser is constantly updated and as such, if you’re already using it you’ll automatically have the latest version on your system.

Once you start using Firefox you’ll get access to a whole new internet browsing experience, especially when you only used Internet Explorer before.

So, if you’re curious what all the Firefox talk is about, proceed to the free download and see for yourself if this is a suitable web browser for you, just like it is for millions of users around the globe.

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