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"Lossless audio compression for high-quality music lovers"
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The freeware download presented here is called FLAC. As a matter of fact, FLAC is a Free Lossless Audio Codec gaining in popularity. Especially the music lovers among you interested in better quality digital audio, for example compared to MP3, might want to continue reading on.

MP3 is a so-called lossy audio format, meaning quality loss occurs when compressing the original audio source material. FLAC is lossless, meaning no quality will be lost. It will allow you to compress your WAV audio files without any problem.

Now, here you can download this audio codec that once installed will result in support for audio in this format on your system. Note that this is a non-proprietary and open-source lossless audio codec.

Proceed to the free download to get this codec now and to start using it right away.

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