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"3D designing PC software to create and render professional or simple models"
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gCAD3D is a 3D designing PC software that allows people to create and render their own three dimensional models. It is ideal for all types of projects, from professional to amateur.

If you are looking for an alternative to start with, this is a great 3D software choice. You will not find this software hard to use even if you don´t possess advanced knowledge about CAD tools.

From a clear interface, gCAD3D offers a set full of tools for designing you can use in order to add all kinds of elements to your project. You can work with scales and proportions, edit and apply all kinds of textures and more. It is possible to visually appreciate from different views and angles.

That´s not it, there are several pre-rendered 3D models you can begin with or even import to your projects.

Besides of being quite simple to use, gCAD3D has also included complete documentation.

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Version 2.14
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Author gCAD3D
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