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Glary Utilities
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"Glary Utilities | Toolkit full of system maintenance and optimisation utilities"
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Glary Utilities

The freeware download presented here is called Glary Utilities. As a matter of fact, it’s an all-in-one application containing more than 20 utilities aimed at optimising your computer’s performance. Hence, Glary Utilities belongs in every computer user’s system toolkit. It will enable you to clean your Windows computer, eliminate errors, freezes and crashes, resulting in boosted PC speed.

Just like your bike or your car, your computer also requires regular maintenance to keep it in optimal shape and this is where Glary Utilities will come in handy.

Glary Utilities is suitable for both novice and experienced computer users

Nowadays computers have become an essential part of people’s lives, hence Glary Utilities should become part of your essential system maintenance toolkit. Every computer specialist will consider it normal a computer will tend to get slower over time. This is due to a variety of reasons, such as useless data and unnecessary files, uninstallation leftovers, temporary files, fragmentation, among others. You don’t need to be a computer specialist to perform basic maintenance tasks by yourself, especially when the right tools for the job are freely available.

Glary Utilities offers you these tools and what might be even more important, it also provides you with a modern intuitive graphical user interface to perform the system maintenance annex optimisation tasks. The interface has three tabs, namely Overview, 1-Click Maintenance and Advanced Tools.

As such, novice computer users or those among you in a hurry to quickly clean up their system or give it a performance boost, might be particularly interested in the fact Glary Utilities will only require you to perform one or two clicks to execute particular tasks.

More details on Glary Utilities

As mentioned before, Glary Utilities’ graphical user interface consists of three tabs. The first one is titled Overview and gives you an indication of your current Windows boot time, let’s you configure options such as turning on automatic maintenance, erase privacy tracks on Windows shutdown, gives you a button to access the Startup Manager where you can disable items easily, and check for updates, among others.

The second tab, labeled 1-Click Maintenance, lets you check items to be included when using this option. The available tools are: Registry Cleaner, Shortcuts Fixer, Spyware Remover, Disk Repair, Tracks Eraser, Temporary Files Cleaner and Startup Manager.

The third tab of Glary Utilities reads Advanced Tools and offers access to the following main sections: Windows Registry, Disk Space, System Tweaks, Anti-malware, Privacy, System Control, System Status, Hard disks, Drivers, File management and programs, each one containing up to five sub items.

Conclusion about Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a versatile and powerful system maintenance and optimisation solution, and it might be the only application of its kind you actually need to keep your computer running smoothly.

It’s impossible to describe all the details about this toolkit, so why don’t you proceed to the free download to start using it and as such discover what it can do for you and your system.

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