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"Google Chrome - Enjoy the ultimate internet surfing experience"
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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser optimized for the modern internet.

The time when a web browser was only used for visiting websites is long gone as more and more services, from productivy suites and communications tools to general entertainment, are moving to the cloud. Now, Chrome is nowadays the most popular web browser, and for really good reasons.

Google Chrome is a friendly web browser that comes with a lot of features already built-in, such as Adobe Flash Player or a PDF reader for example (you can just drag a PDF file and drop it over your browser window to open it). Furthermore, you can organize, duplicate and pin tabs any way you want. You can login to the browser with your Gmail account and synchronise about everything, from bookmarks, history and auto-fill entries to passwords, tabs, themes and extensions. This also allows to not only have multiple users on the same computer, each with a personalised browser; but also allows users to enjoy their personalised browser on any computer they are using. Furthermore, Chrome is usually the first at implementing new web technologies and standards, even before they become actual standards.

Google Chrome is synonym of speed, simplicity and security

Not only when launching the browser, but also when loading web pages, switching tabs or running web applications, this browser is fast in every way. This is because it does not use as much system resources as other browsers. You can even check this by using Chrome's built-in task manager that shows how much memory the browser is using. Even the memory usage of each extension and tab is displayed.

Its sleek and minimalist design integrates a multi-functional address bar, called Omnibox, that works as a Google search box where you just type what you are looking for that also comes with auto-completion readily available. It is so versatile you can even type a mathematical operations and the result will be displayed right away. And to make things even simpler, it also allows you to perform Google voice search – just say something and your browser will Google it for you.

Chrome Chrome was built as a sandbox and comes with built-in malware and phishing protection to keep you safe, and even updates automatically to make you count with the latest security fixes. It also features the “incognito” browsing mode that automatically deletes cookies, history, temporary files and other activity traces.

Tons of extensions make Google Chrome almost an operating system itself

This is maybe the best part of Google Chrome. Apart from all this “basic” functionality, there are tons of extensions that you can download and install for free. From users who want to change the look of their browser or add music and video features, to those more tech savvy who want to use HTTPS whenever possible or blacklist URLs with a single click, to the Facebook fans who want to change their status without even switching tabs, to the Amazon and eBay shopaholics, there are extensions for everybody.

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