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Google Chrome Portable

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"Google Chrome Portable | Take your Google Chrome browser along with you"
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Google Chrome Portable

Elsewhere on Winportal we presented the freeware download and top web browser called Google Chrome. Although the version you install on your devices and computers has options to synchronise items such as bookmarks, history and others, just by signing into the browser using your Gmail authentication data, you might stumble upon systems where this speedy browser isn’t installed and where you might risk your privacy using browsers you’re not comfortable with or not used too. Well, this is exactly where Google Chrome Portable might offer you a handy solution.

Just like the regular Google Chrome, but now portable

You might be used to Google Chrome, just like the millions of other users, but just think about the following scenario: you’re going on a holiday and you don’t have a laptop or can’t take any device with your favourite browser along with you. You might stay at hotels or hostels, but these might just offer you a standard configured computer without your favourite browser installed on it.

You might nevertheless be able to take along your portable USB drive, and the more prepared ones among you might have installed a collection of portable apps on it, ready to be executed on any compatible computer where the USB ports aren’t blocked. This is exactly where Google Chrome Portable comes in at play, being your common Google Chrome made a portable app.

Furthermore, Google Chrome Portable might also be stored online in the cloud, on storage space you can access from any browser. Hence, that’s an alternative way to have it readily available to use wherever and whenever you’d prefer your portable version.

The feature-rich and speedy internet browsing solution

So, Google Chrome Portable is Google Chrome being portable, offering all features and functionality modern web pages annex applications require, supporting the latest technologies, and beyond.

As you landed on this page you’re supposedly familiar with Google Chrome and its features, but for the sake of this article, lets enumerate some: advanced tabbed browsing, surfing incognito, history, downloads, a variety of tools, uncountable extensions, apps, themes, and more that will enable you to have a modern and personalised browsing experience, lightning fast, and always offering the latest in technology

Just to mention a particular item, Google Chrome Portable nowadays features support for voice searching from the Google search homepage, and for all your other searches you might use the versatile so-called Omnibox, the traditional address bar that’s become way more than just the place where you type an URL.

Conclusion about Google Chrome Portable

So, if you know Google Chrome already, the step to Google Chrome Portable is a small one and downloading it will ensure you have this version readily available on computers without this browser.

Once familiar with this web browser, you might not want to go online without this quick to start up browser which loads web pages in a snap, smoothly runs web applications, is easy to use and efficient, features a versatile search box and just is the way you’re used to visit your favourite websites, themed according to your personal preferences, and more.

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