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"Explore the Earth, the moon, Mars and even the ocean from up in the sky"
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Google Earth

Google Earth is a satellite imagery program which has truly revolutionized the way we look at the entire world, very popular phrase between many people who have zoomed in on about all parts of the globe. Now, it features the possibility of visualizing several places from just some meters of distance.

This outstanding program lets you appreciate detailed views from every spot in Earth as if you were up on the sky. In fact, moving around it is very easy thanks to three smart navigation modes designed by the program.

The Map mode offers cities and roads´ plans to get oriented and trace trajectories. The Satellite mode allows access to captured images from about every spot of the globe through satellites. The third mode Hybrid blends aspects of the already mentioned modes.

Google Earth has included a large library of layers that keeps increasing more and more everyday, add them to the map and make your experience richer. There are all kinds of information such as historical monuments, landscapes, national parks and regions that offer tourist places and where endangered species can be found. The program will even showcase extra news related information like tsunamis or forest fires.

Explore the moon, explore Mars in 3D and even the ocean. That´s right, the program is not only limited to the ground and has now added new sources and information from other spots in Earth. The Space mode enables you to explore constellations. If you love the seas, use the Water surface options to find out about all secrets in the oceans and marine creatures.

That´s not it, you can even travel in time with the brand new Historical Imagery feature and see how certain locations have evolved for the past years.

It is possible to capture navigation in real time. Save trips and tours to share them.

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