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"Find out what codecs are necessary to play a video"
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If you are looking for an application to find out which codecs are necessary for the successful playback of certain video files, here is a program that can help you out.

GSpot is a small and simple application that enables all users to find out what codecs they need in order to playback video files. It has been designed with the ability to inform about what video and audio codecs should be used to playback a video file. The best of all is that it is capable of determining if these codecs are already installed on your computer, that way you´ll know what the problem is if one of your videos can´t be watched. What´s more, the application can even isolate many problems related to these codecs by just performing a simple task.

If you are experiencing some problems at the time of playing back some video files or just feel a bit curious about how a video file is codified for providing such good quality, GSpot is the ideal application for satisfying your necessities.

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