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"Excellent Xbox game to defend humanity from the Covenant alliens"
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It has been a while since Xbox was created, and how not to remember the greatest releases that made us experience excitement and thriller.

Halo is an excellent game that centres its trilogy on the events of the Master Chief, which is a cybernetically-improved human super-soldier with artificial intelligence (AI companion, Cortana).

It is year 2552 in a further future, and human beings have reached the depths of the universe, which has made the Covenants angry about it. The covenants are a race of aliens who found human's arrival insulting to their beliefs, and for that reason they want to completely exterminate Earth and all human colonies around the Universe. Human beings, who didn't tolerate threats from the Covenants, developed through biological experiments The Spartan II super-soldiers with capacity to put up a fight to the Covenants.

In this amazing game you are a Master Chief - Spartan 117, and have in charge human being's victory. You can use more than ten weapons, choose to play individually or multi-play and live great effects when playing.

Play Halo now from your computer, and online with up to 16 players.

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