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"Create online exercises for your students"
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Hot Potatoes

Do you want to create online exercises for your students or children? This is the perfect application to do so. Hot Potatoes is a complete suite to create interactive exercises that you can then solve online. With this educational tool you can easily create interactive exercises, like 'Fill the gaps', 'Multiple Choice', 'Short Answer' and more, which can then be accessed through your web browser.

Hot Potatoes uses the HTML and JavaScript languages to implement the interactivities of the exercises, but you don't need any knowledge of these languages to create the exercises: Hot Potatoes will automatically handle this. All you need to do, is select the kind of exercise you want to create and input the data. There are six applications included in Hot Potatos, each of them with a very specific function. JCloze, JCross, JMatch, JMix and JQuiz each create a different type of exercise. And then there is also The Masher: this is the application that will compile the exercises into one unit. An excellent software for teaching in the 21st century.

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License Freeware
On Site Since 1/July/2010
Author Half-Baked Software Inc.
Last Update 11/May/2015
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