House of the Dead III

House of the Dead III

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"The bloody and putrefied cadavers are back, take a shotgun and try to survive"
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House of the Dead III

House of the Dead III is the third release of the classic horror games created by Sega.

In this game, you will have to defy carnivorous zombies and cadavers that come from the darkest, deepest corners and have returned to kill and eat everything alive. Use a shotgun in your right hand while you advance and explore an apocalyptic wave of terrifying undead.

If you want to survive in House of the Dead III, you must use your shotgun wisely, so that you can take multiple cadavers down in a single blast. They are actually an army that unexpectedly appears by groups coming out of nowhere.

House of the Dead III is reminds many of us at our childhood. Now, on this third release it brings facilities to control players by only using the mouse. You´ll be surprised and scared at the same time with the great 3D graphics that reproduce bloody and putrefied zombies.

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Author SEGA
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Compatible Windows Millennium, Windows 98, Windows XP