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"Capture videos of everything in your screen: webcam, games, tutorials and more"
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If you want to record your webcam conversations or video game sessions, you should check out this tool.

HyperCam is a special software which has been developed with technology that makes it capable of capturing video directly from your computer screen.

We are talking about a video recorder that will record your screen and save the video as AVI, WMV or ASF. You can use this great tool for several purposes; for instance to create a video for a software presentation. If you own a company you will be able to create training videos. In order to help a friend figuring out how to use some softwares you can record tutorial videos. You can also record Skype audio and video calls. Anyhow, you can use this tool to have some fun.

But that's not it, HyperCam supports screen notes (an ideal feature to create automated demos), text annotations and sound.

This tool will also let you choose frame rate and the quality of compression before capturing a video.

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