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"Image scan utility with extended functionality"
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IDM Scan

Your dedicated scanner, or maybe your all-in-one printer, copy and scan hardware, came with its proper application for scanning images. This might be fine for a single scan, but you probably experienced it's not the most elaborate solution when it comes to dealing with series of scans. You're not alone and as such we here present you a product called IDM Scan which might be the solution.

With IDM Scan you get a tool to simplify and make the scanning process more intuitive, as it permits you structuring your images achieved from a scanner offering a simple way of creating a directory structure.

Furthermore, images can be easily exported to your email, but also to multi-page PDF and TIFF files anywhere on your LAN server.

Presets can be saved for scanning as well as directory creation.

Download now to see if it suits your scanning needs.

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Version 2.0
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On Site Since 18/May/2012
Author IDM Scan Software Division
Last Update 20/December/2012
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7