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"Full-featured program to produce and edit vector graphics"
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Inkscape is a multiplatform drawing tool for vector graphics. It is an effective application that reaches great results with ease and without necessity of following complicated steps.

Vector graphics go way beyond than just simple drawings. A vector graphic is created by the use of geometrical primitives such as curves, points, lines and polygons or shapes.

With Inkscape you will produce and edit vector graphics with outstanding layers support, a feature that lets you modify added elements without affecting other ones. It is possible to add layers, switch them above or below, put a layer on top or bottom, etc.

Good things about the program are the support for most digital graphic files and the development of similar features to programs like Illustrator and CorelDraw. It brings many useful drawing features such as shapes, text, markers, lines, clones, alpha-channel mixes, transformations, gradients, grouping and patterns.

That´s not it, Inkscape also supports complex path operations, Creative Commons meta-data, flowed text, node editing, text-on-path, directly XML editing, bitmap tracing and more. It can even import images in formats such as Postscript, EPS, PNG, JPEG and TIFF, allowing you to edit your photos.

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