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"iTunes - Manage, organize and synchronize all your multimedia content"
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Here you can download iTunes for free. iTunes is an excellent application for your computer capable of organizing and playing all types songs and videos stored in your hard drive. It can easily synchronize multimedia content residing on your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. In fact, it was developed with that purpose in mind. Everything from a modern-looking interface in which you will also find stuff to have some fun at any time.

Why is iTunes a must-have for all iPod, iPhone and iPad users?

This application created by Apple, offers a built-in multimedia player that will let you enjoy all your favourite songs. In fact, it is also possible to play video clips stored in your PC. It also lets you organize all your media files in a library you which you can then import or synchronize with your iOS device.

Furthermore, besides of synchronizing multimedia content between your iOS device and PC, you can wirelessly synchronize the iTunes library with your Apple TV, so that you can watch your favourite videos and photos.

The iTunes Library can be managed with ease. It allows viewing extended information of all tracks, as well as editing each of their tags and tagging them. You can comfortably navigate through your entire library thanks to the great Cover Flow system or the Grid view. The smart tool enables you to create any type of playlist based on criteria such as: date added, playback times, genre, star rating and artist. The outstanding Party Shuffle playlist is ideal for inviting friends to our places.

iTunes lets you access the famous iTunes Store from your iPod Touch, Apple TV, PC, iPad or iPhone. You can navigate around, try listening to a part of the song you wish to buy before getting it and even receive recommendations based in your likes. You can also buy audiobooks and applications for your Apple devices.

I don't have an iPod or iPhone. Can I still use iTunes?

Of course. You don't need to have an iOS device to use iTunes. Download and install iTunes and you will enjoy a full-featured media player and organizer. It is similar to Windows Media Player that comes built-in with your operating system. It lets you play songs, watch videos, organize your files and a lot more.

As mentioned, iTunes will give you access to the iTunes Store from which you will be able to purchase songs and videos. But not only that, you can listen to an album one time before buying it. You will also be able to enjoy iTunes Radio with tons on streaming stations, and it even gives you recommendations based on the music you play.

Finally, you can send iTunes Gift Cards to your friends and family, which work as any standard gift card and allows them to buy any content they want.

Definitely, iTunes is one of the best alternatives to manage and interact with multimedia content.

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