Kea Coloring Book

Kea Coloring Book

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"A colouring book, easy to use for the younger"
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Kea Coloring Book

Colouring is an activity many children enjoy, but colouring might involve dirty hands and clothes being painted as well, maybe the table will be no longer white, some kids like to taste the pencils, and so on.

Well, here we present you a digital colouring book, called Kea Coloring Book, which might not only be fun for the younger, but also take away the aforementioned consequences parents have to deal with.

So, with Kea Coloring Book, children who can handle the mouse, or who’re learning that activity, will be provided a wide range of designs dedicated to suit their taste.

Now, the young can have fun and bring these drawings of people and animals to life, colouring like never before.

Last but not least, if you’re fine with the colouring results, you can print out the artwork to decorate your living room with it.

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Version 4.0.0
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Author Keasoftware
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