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"Download all types of files form the Bittorrent, Kad and eDonkey networks"
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If you are looking for a P2P program different than the common ones, then this is a great option you can consider: Lphant is a P2P software with the capacity to download from Bittorrent, Kad and eDonkey networks. It combines these networks' speeds under one single application. Thanks to its Bittorrent support, this application is able to find and download all types of torrent files such as audio, video, applications and others.

Lphant offers a preview feature to check your downloads before they are completed. It also offers support for iPod and MP3 Players to provide total control of music. The interface can be understood with ease by any type of user. You can use a variety of configuration options to modify its appearance, visualize uploading percentage of each network, configure languages, remote access and many other settings.

Lphant manages Bittorrent downloads with the possibility of adding eDonkey links on them, and is also able to share Bittorrent downloads on the eDonkey Network. Once you have all your files downloaded you will be able to use a built-in player to watch and listen to them.

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Version 7.0
License Freeware
On Site Since 18/March/2010
Author Lphant
Last Update 22/February/2013
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Language English (GB) Spanish (Spain) Italian German Polish Brazilian Portuguese Turkish French Dutch
Compatible Windows Vista, Windows Millennium, Windows 98, Windows XP
Requirements NET Framework 2.0