MarBall Odyssey

MarBall Odyssey

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"Get the ball to its destination while time is ticking"
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MarBall Odyssey

The video game presented here is called MarBall Odyssey. The download contains the demo version of this game belonging to the mental exercises category. It’s an adaptation of the legendary Marble Madness, the game fanatics among you probably figured out yet only by reading the title.

Basically you’ll guide a ball to its destination, facing a variety of traps and obstacles such as the void, walls that can’t be passed or wrong exits for instance, while time is running.

MarBall Odyssey consists of different and varying levels and difficulty increases as you move on forward.

There’s an introductory tutorial and this funny game might appeal gamers into challenges, without caring too much about the graphics.

So, if interested in this video game, consider proceeding to the demo download to find out more about it and to see if you like it.

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Version 1.3
License Demonstration
On Site Since 7/September/2011
Author Sunday Coders
Last Update 24/August/2013
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Language English (GB) Spanish (Spain) Italian German French
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7