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"Maxthon | Alternative web browser that takes the best of Internet Explorer"
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The freeware download offered here is called Maxthon. It’s an alternative web browser you might be interested in for surfing the internet and improving your online experience. It’s based on Internet Explorer, yet faster and customisable, providing you new and interesting features.

To find out more about Maxthon, consider reading on as in the following paragraphs we’ll give you some more in-depth information.

The history of the Maxthon web browser

At the time of writing we’re providing you the latest version of Maxthon for your Windows computer. This Internet Explorer-based web browser’s history starts at the end of the former millenium, in the year 1999 when a Chinese programmer posted MyIE. IE stands for Internet Explorer and this became quickly a popular modification enabling one to customise the standard Microsoft web browser. A Chinese company with the same name as their flagship product, Maxthon, distributed the MyIE browser and a year later the original developer left the project, the current CEO of Maxthon took over and in 2002 MyIE2 was released receiving active community contribution. A year later it was renamed and called Maxthon. Over the next years several major versions have seen the light and here’s version 4, also known as Maxthon Cloud Browser.

Maxthon is a feature-rich web browser

It’s impossible to list all the features of the Maxthon web browser, but we’ll give you an overview of some features that can be found in its latest version, which you can download here for free.

Maxthon 4 has a split screen option, a tabbed document interface, saves open tabs, features undo for closed tabs, the ad-blocking tool AD Hunter, an ActiveX, JAVA applet and Adobe Flash blocker, support for custom skins, customizability, programmable mouse gestures, an RSS reader, an external utility bar, support for IE plugins, automatic updates, user-extensible search toolbar enabling searching multiple engines by default, groups, URL aliases, integrated web services, among others.

Conclusion about Maxthon

Maxthon is a fast and customisable browser based on IE with new features. Like most of the traditional web browsers, Maxthon has a powerful tabbed interface, but its multitude of other features might significantly improve your experience on the internet. As such, it will make surfing the web easy and fast once you learn how to personalise it according to your needs and preferences.

Because Maxthon is skinnable and plenty of skins are available for free, its visual look-and-feel is also completely in your hands.

This browser is furthermore light on resources and will provide you quickly the pages and information you’re looking or searching for.

So, if interested in improving your online surfing experience, why not giving Maxthon a try? It’s free after all and maybe you’ll never switch to another browser again.

Note that elsewhere on Winportal we also presented a portable version of Maxthon, suitable to be stored on removable or cloud drives from which it can be directly executed anywhere and anytime you’re on a compatible computer.

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