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"Backup, restore, fix and repair your hard disk's MBR"
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MBR stands for Master Boot Record and every hard disk has such a starting sector. Here's not the place to enter into technical explanations you supposedly are familiar with as you're reading this article. Now, here we present the product called MBRWizard with which you can not only fix and repair your MBR, but also back it up and restore it.

Whether your MBR might get corrupted by a virus or other malware, or you're experiencing difficulties booting your computer, you might want to have MBRWizard at hand as it has been used for solving boot problems for years, whether dealing with personal computers or servers.

With this utility you can backup that critical disk sector before a problem occurs. As such, when you need to recover from a disaster you'll be able to easily restore a MBR and regain access to your documents and other valuable information.

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