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Media Player Classic
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"A small and lightweight multimedia player"
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Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is a simple and fast multimedia player. It has a similar interface as the Classic Windows Media Player, but possess many more features. Most of these features are optimized for the playback of DivX video files. You can play DVD movies, audio CDs, QuickTime files, Flash files, RealTime Media files, and many other video and audio files.

Media Player Classic has a clear and simple-to-use interface that has many options. You can playback videos and sounds at different speeds, and it allows you to play audio files while playing a video. Its built-in DVD Player has real time zooming, which enables you to see the details of your movies. It also supports AVI subtitles and has many configuration settings for audio and subtitle languages.

Media Classic Player is very small and lightweight, it will only use a small percentage of your computers resources. It also supports many formats, such as WM, M3U, PLS, ASX, MPG, SND, CDA, WMV, MPEG, QT, AU, DTS, MOV, BMP, SWF, JPEG, AC3, VOB, AIFF, WAX, MP4, AIF, OGG, MP2, ASF, GIF, D2V, AIFC, WAV, MIDI, AVI, MP3, WMA and PNG.

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