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Messenger Detect

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"Quickly detect and record MSN chats with ease"
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Messenger Detect

Messenger Detect has been designed to detect chats via MSN and automatically record all of those. All chats will be recorded in the same format you may see in MSNs and clearly classified by date.

At the time of executing its particular detection, this tool works confidentially without being discovered by other people or installing any client program on the computers you wish to detect.

This useful tool is also safe, as setting and accessing are entirely password protected. From its interface, you may search and edit recorded conversations. Moreover, it is possible to quickly export those chats as RTF files.

If you were wondering what your wife was chatting about on MSN or wanted to find out if your employees have been chatting about interesting topics that may be related to you, Messenger Detect is exactly what you need.

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Version 3.69
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On Site Since 27/April/2010
Last Update 19/February/2013
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7