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"Microsoft PowerPoint | A standard for slideshow presentations"
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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the presentation solution nowadays part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, available in all editions together with other renown applications such as the word processor Microsoft Word and the spreadsheet solution Microsoft Excel, both presented elsewhere on Winportal in detail.

When asked about presentations created with the computer, chances are the first product one names is Microsoft PowerPoint. Well, here we present this famous application that became a success due to its versatility and the fact it is very easy to use.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program for creating slideshows, a sequence of still images presented on an electronic display device or a projection screen. The duration of each slide can vary from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the content. It’s often used in combination with a live speaker who controls the presentation accordingly.

Microsoft PowerPoint, an advanced solution for creating animated presentations

Here you can actually download the demo version of the Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 edition for Windows, part of the Microsoft Office 2013 suite. It’s a state-of-the-art presentation creation solution you can use for your slideshows, including animations, effect and frames.

It has grown to be a versatile and feature-rich application making it possible even for the novice to create top presentations requiring a minimum of effort, integrating well with other Microsoft Office products.

Microsoft PowerPoint provides an ever growing amount of effects and frames you can apply to objects and slides, without the need for additional software to be installed on your computer.

So, if interested in finding out more details about the aforementioned and other features this product encompasses, consider proceeding to the demo download right now. Be aware that Microsoft PowerPoint is almost everywhere and you might be asked to quickly create a presentation, whether studying or working, as if it’s considered a basic skill one should master. Hence, better start today with PowerPoint, as it’s easy to use and you’ll have your presentations ready in no time.

Over three decades of Microsoft PowerPoint history

Microsoft PowerPoint was first released in 1980, initially designed for the Macintosh computer and called Presenter, but in 1987 changed to PowerPoint, as we all know it now.

In 1990 it was officially launched at the same time the Microsoft Windows operating system Windows 3.0 was released.

Over the years and consequent releases, PowerPoint introduced several changes that made it an outstanding product, changing the way we experience presentations. As such, with the incorporation of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) presentations no longer had to be linear, allowing macros, effects and predefined transitions to result in a non-linear slideshow, more similar to a movie, all without the need for programming skills.

Microsoft PowerPoint has also allowed users to create animations that are more advanced and as such, it has become the standard for presentations, used by teachers, coaches and professionals worldwide, in many fields such as education, entertainment, business meetings, product releases, project presentations, among others.

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