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A project is by definition limited in time and aimed at producing a unique deliverable which can be a specific result, service or product. Project Management (PM) is the underlying process for which the project manager is responsible, encompassing the processes belonging to mainly five stages: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. That being said, Microsoft Project is the project management software by excellence.Here we offer you the free download of the Microsoft Project application.

Microsoft Project, a standard PM software application

Microsoft Project is the renown project management software solution belonging to the Microsoft Office productivity family, although it’s not included in the standard suite. It occupies an important role on the dedicated PM software market and anyone aspiring to manage projects professionally should consider mastering Microsoft Project, which by the way is often considered a basic job requirement for related positions.

From planning a wedding to the creation of a new software application, this software is used by many on a daily basis for a multitude of purposes.

Microsoft Project 2013, a feature-rich PM solution

Microsoft Project is somehow the application of project management business processes, translated to a software solution, providing a graphical interface to assist in managing the related items. Without entering into the details about project management, there’s principally resources, time and costs. It is recommended to have previous PM knowledge to understand the features and functionality of this software solution, hence you should be familiar with terms such as critical path schedules, critical chain, Gantt charts, resource leveling, and others, as these concepts are represented in the software.

So, Microsoft Project 2013 nowadays features interoperability, user controlled scheduling, timeline, SharePoint list synchronization, inactive tasks, team planner view, reports, trace task paths, sharing, support for third-party add-ins and many more you can find out more about proceeding to the demo download.

The professional edition differs from the standard one as it includes more features, such as team collaboration and server connectivity, for example.

Over three decennia of Microsoft Project history

The origin of this product starts at the beginning of the eighties and soon it was used by Microsoft internally to help managing the multitude of ongoing software development projects. In 1985, a year after the first commercial release for DOS, Microsoft bought all the rights for this application and the final DOS version was released in 1986.

What followed was Microsoft Project’s first Windows version in 1990. As a matter of fact, it’s the third Microsoft Windows-based software product and quickly after its initial release it established itself as a dominant player on the project management software market. The Microsoft Office 95 release used the common Office menus and now we’re talking about Microsoft Project 2013, the latest version at the time of writing of which you can download the demo version of the professional edition here.

So, do you want the Microsoft Project 2013 free download? Here it is!

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