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Music Menu

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"A DOS music player annex collection of songs and lyrics"
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Music Menu

The nostalgic ones among you might be interested in the freeware download provided here, called Music Menu. It’s a dedicated music player containing a library encompassing nearly 200 songs, almost all including their lyrics.

This collection consists of mainly English and German songs, respectively 93 and 84 items, but furthermore you’ll encounter some Spanish, French, Egyptian, Yiddish, Israelite, Latin, Russian and Polish songs in it.

Music Menu will enable you to chose the song tempo and to save the lyrics in an external file or print it out.

Note that over 20 songs are available in more than one language.

So, if interested in this particular music collection, consider proceeding to the download, launch your DOS box and enjoy these nostalgic tunes together with their lyrics anytime you desire.

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Version 4.4
License Freeware
On Site Since 20/September/2013
Author Andreas Breitschopp
Last Update 1/October/2013
Download Using our download manager (DownloadMR®)
Language English (GB) Spanish (Spain) German
Compatible Windows XP