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" My Video Converter is a versatile video converter "
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My Video Converter

The product presented here is called My Video Converter. As you probably know, video comes in many formats nowadays. This is due to the fact the technology evolves at a fast pace and as such new formats keep on getting developed and released, offering better quality and more features.

Hence, the video source material you download or get by other means, your digital camcorder for example, will come with a variety of file extensions and in different formats. In such case, an application like My Video Converter might be just the solution you’ve been looking for to be able to play such downloaded videos back with your preferred media player which might not features support for the file type or codec.

My Video Converter is an easy-to-use converter

Converting video source material between file formats doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when using the right software solution, such as My Video Converter. It’s an excellent and easy-to-use converter for many existing formats. As such, it will enable you to convert between FLV, DAT, MPEG, DIVX, XVID, AVI, DIVX, MOV, WMV, QT, ASF, MP4, RM, 3GP, M4V, RMVB, and ASF, among others.

My Video Converter is a full-featured video converting program that comes with a clean and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), as you can see on the preview images provided alongside this article. It has big buttons and is very fast.

Basically, you'll select your input source material, the desired output and you’re done. Hence, it’s a suitable solution for even the novice computer users among you and the more advanced users will appreciate the fact several output settings can be changed according to your preferences, like the output quality, the video and audio codec, the resolution and frame rate, among others.

My Video Converter counts with built-in encoders and codecs

An important advantage of My Video Converter is the fact it possesses built-in encoders and codecs. Hence, you’ll be capable of starting to  convert right away, as soon as you launch the application. This also means it will not require you to download additional codecs from the internet, but readily supports most common and popular formats, such as those mentioned before.

Furthermore, My Video Converter includes NTSC annex PAL setting options for exporting to DVD, SVCD and VCD. Moreover, it also features batch mode functionality, which will enable you to convert multiple video files at the same time. And, for those who should doubt it, it can of course handle source material larger than 2GB without any problem.


Nowadays, a large quantity of video formats are available on the internet. They vary according to quality, size, resolution and other properties. Not all media players can reproduce all existing formats so you might be looking for an application such as My Video Converter which will enable you to overcome playback compatibility problems and enjoy your favourite videos in the format you like, or convert them to formats supported by other devices you might have.

So, if interested in evaluating this product consider proceeding to the demo download right now.

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