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"An application that allows you to learn music notes"
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NoteCard is an educational tool that has been designed to help you to learn and to recognize music notes. The program will use a music sheet and will show you many music symbols and notes. There will be a virtual instrument below the sheet which you can produce sounds on. The program allows you to play with many different instruments, including: a piano, a guitar and a violin.

NoteCard has three steps in its teaching process: The first one is to select which instrument you want to learn, the range of notes, and if you want the program to include sharps and flats. Once you have configured the session, it will take you into 'Study Mode'. The application splits the notes that you will to learn into 12 levels and each next level will get harder as you advanced through them. In 'Study Mode', you will get the chance to learn the notes of that level. You will be able to learn the names of the notes, where they are placed on the music sheet, and will have to play those notes on the virtual instrument.

After you are sure that you have learned all the notes, you should press the [Start quiz] button. NoteCard will randomly place all the notes that you have learned on the music sheet and you will have to play them with the input instrument. If you get a high enough percentage of them correct, you will move on to the next level. You will have to learn the new notes in 'Study Mode' and you will then have to do a new quiz. This process will be repeated until you have finished the 12 levels without failing one of them.

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