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"Opera | Fast and powerful internet browser with many security features"
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Here we offer you the free download Opera. It's a top web browser, and although not that popular at the time of writing, it has a variety of interesting features. Besides being fully compatible with web standards, it's a complete browser you might appreciate.

As for many the internet experience is closely related to browsing, the browser used plays an important role. So, if you want to have a secure and fast browsing experience using the latest features available, this modern browser alternative aimed at speeding up your web browsing experience with a particular focus on security and privacy might be the one you’ve been waiting for all this time.

Opera is secure and feature-rich web browser with the end-user in mind

If you matter security and privacy, Opera might be a browser to consider. This fast security-focused web browser is yet used by many computer experts, security specialists, professionals and experienced computer users. Dedicated security and privacy features include the one-click option to delete private data, encompassing your browsing history, cached items, HTTP cookies, among others.

Moreover, when surfing the internet a security badge will be displayed in the address bar, showing details about the security certificates and it will check if the visited site is blacklisted or not. In case it is blacklisted for malware and phishing, a warning page will be displayed.

Furthermore, it has a variety of features oriented at usability and accessibility, such as tabbed browsing, extending this functionality with tab grouping, a download manager, a bookmarks bar, support for themes, extensions and add-ons, speed dial, keyboard shortcuts, page zooming and a turbo mode compressing web pages.

Opera is an innovator on the browser market

Throughout history Opera introduced a variety of features that have been adopted by other top browsers at a later time. For example, the tabbed browsing and speed dial functionality, just to mention some. Furthermore, Opera was also one of the first browsers supporting cascaded style sheets (CSS) and the initiator of the HTML5 specification, the new web standard nowadays changing the internet experience every day.

At the time of writing, the latest version of Opera uses the WebKit’s WebCore component fork Blink layout engine, developed by Google with contributions from Opera Software, the company behind the Opera browser, among others.

Opera is a modern browser for all your devices

Once you get used to Opera you might not want to use another browser for many reasons. As such, you might be pleased to know this browser is also available for mobile devices as well, and there is even a portable version available.

The latest version at the time of writing includes a discovery feature to find stash unexpected and enjoy new worldwide content. Furthermore, if you like something you encountered you might appreciate the stash feature as well. It’s a one-click page capturing solution providing you a way to organise pages into a list. You can then scan or search your stash by keywords or using the resizable page preview functionality.

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