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"This post production effects software will improve all your videos"
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ParticleIllusion focuses on video effects for your movie clips. With this fun program, you will able to add fire, explosions, sparks, shadows and more effects to your videos, which will entertain you and your friends. This program is compatible with popular video applications like After Effects, MediaStudio, Premiere, 3D Studio and more.

Since this software is popular it is easy to find and download more effects, so surprise friends and family with this neat and peculiar software that will transform you in a movie editor. This new version of ParticleIllusion allows you to work on HD resolution. It also increased its supported formats compared to previous versions, and it includes an updated installer for an easy installation of additional libraries.

ParticleIllusion will let you edit your videos in a complete new way. You will be able to add as many effects as you want, and then save your project in a format of your choosing. Thanks to the easy interface, you will be able to creat your own award-winning movies.

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Version 3.0.4
License Demonstration
On Site Since 1/July/2010
Author Wondertouch
Last Update 26/December/2012
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows XP