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"Remotely desktop access solution from Symantec"
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From the renown security company Symantec, here we present the product named pcAnywhere.

pcAnywhere is a collection of computer programs allowing the user to remotely connect to any personal computer, as far as it is running the pcAnywhere host, on the condition both are connected to interconnected networks. If you know the password, the remote computer is yours, meaning you will be able to do everything on the system as if you were in front of it.

This program is extremely handy for solving technical issues and help desk support.

This remote desktop and remote access software solution might be just what you need if you're in charge of configuring and maintaining computers of your relatives and friends, for instance.

When using this program you won't have to go physically visit the place to work on the computer, you just take it over remotely.

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On Site Since 9/November/2010
Author Symantec Corporation
Last Update 21/November/2012
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Compatible Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP