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"PowerDVD is the all-round media player for all your media"
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Here we offer you the free download called PowerDVD. Despite its name, this multimedia player evolved over more than 15 years to a versatile and feature-rich media player for all your movies, on optical discs including Blu-rays discs (DB) and online videos.

But not only movies, also music and images can be enjoyed using this universal player.

Download PowerDVD and enjoy the best quality

The level of enjoyment one experiences when watching a movie not only depends on the content being played back, but also to the circumstances and the way the reproduction is presented. Now, let the latter be one of PowerDVD’s strengths. It encompasses TrueTheater technologies, supports the latest media formats, integrates cloud services and mobile apps into a dedicated entertainment system.

Movies come in many ways, on Blu-ray discs, DVDs, downloads in the Matroska format, from a camcorder in AVCHD, MP4, online streaming clips via YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, among others. PowerDVD can handle them all, providing you a series of features adding up to a high-quality multimedia experience. TrueTheater enhancements will enable you to upscale video source material to HD quality, upconvert framerates resulting in smoother playback, turn two-dimensional photos and movies into three-dimensional (3D) ones, enhance details and colours, intelligently expand 4:3 source material to 16:9, reduce artifacts, minimise shakiness and expand audio stereo output to surround sound.

On the audio level, for movies and music playback, it can handle music files in ALAC, FLAC, APE, MP3 and other popular formats. Furthermore, it provides high-definition (HD) audio support, HDMI 1.4, 7.1 channel audio, DTS 24/96, among others.

Of course, these data refer to PowerDVD’s capabilities at the time of writing. Because this is an ever-evolving product, with every update new functionality, supported items and features are added to it.

A feature-rich media player for all your multimedia needs

As mentioned before, PowerDVD not only servers movie playback purposes, but this entertainment hub also offers advanced features for images and audio playback as well, among others.

Here we won’t give more technical details, but rather describe additional features. As such, it can handle playing photo slideshows, including RAW images, providing pan and zoom functionality. Photographs and videos can be browsed in calendar view, media can be played from your local computer, devices connected to your home network, as well as from the cloud and social networks.

Furthermore, you can store your own media in the cloud and manage that content from the application or a web interface, synchronise all music, videos and photos, including playlists. Moreover, you’ll be able to access and stream your content automatically and wirelessly across all your devices, including mobile ones for which there is a dedicated Power Media Player mobile app.

Last but not least, of course you can easily share any content with family members and friends as well.

Proceed to the download to find out all the details about this product’s features and functionality.

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