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"Lock and unlock your computer with a USB thumb drive"
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Those among you interested in securing their computer system with an external USB thumb drive might be interested in reading on, as here we present such a dedicated product, called Predator. So, even if you leave your Windows session opened, a USB drive will be used as an access control device.

It works rather simple, you'll have to insert a regular USB flash driver, run the Predator software, which can be automatically started via Windows, and you do whatever you need to do. When leaving your computer unattended, you simply remove that USB drive. This will trigger the keyboard and the mouse into a disabled state, as well as darken the screen.

To resume working you'll simply have to put in the USB flash drive again and that will restore functionality completely. There's more interesting features this product has to offer, thus you might consider downloading it to find out more about it.

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