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"Play a lovely board game from your computer"
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Real Checkers

Board games are some of the best games to spend time, so it is a pity that nowadays nobody seems to be playing these. With all our computers, playing a board game sounds like a stupid action, because there are so many other and 'more exciting games out there'. One board game that has a long history, and is still played a lot, is checkers. Next to chess this is still one of the most favourite games in the world. A lot of people like checkers more, because the basic rules are a lot easier to understand. With Real Checkers we bring you a version of this game you can play on the computer.

The basic rules of checkers might be a lot easier than those of chess, but it's calculated that there are a lot more moves possible, and therefore a lot more tactics. To say that checkers is an easy game would be a lie. Anybody who ever faced a good opponent can vouch for that. Real checkers is a nice way to train your own game, because the computer can be used as an opponent, and the difficulty-settings make it possible to find an automated player on your own level.

You will also be able to play against another live person, in which it is possible to connect through the network, or to play on the same computer. Real Checkers will display the board in a 3D picture, which you can rotate. Because you can use different angles, sometimes you will get a better view of the tactics of your opponent, or you will just find that one perfect move for you.

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