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Registry Mechanic
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"Efficient application to detect, fix registry errors and enhance the system"
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Registry Mechanic

Having problems with the Windows registry and performance? Fortunately, now you can count on Registry Mechanic.

This outstanding program enables you to effectively repair, clean and enhance the Windows registry. The best of all is that you can do it in just a few clicks. That´s right, in only a few simple steps you will be able to deeply analyze the entire registry and detect all invalid entries. Once Registry Mechanic has scanned everything it will display a list with all registry errors found. You can select which items to clean or automatically fix all of them in a single shot.

What´s more, the program is capable of creating backups for all fixes, that way you can recover any of the changes made in case of requiring them for some purpose.

Registry Mechanic gets its job done thanks to a highly efficient detection algorithm. This element quickly identifies invalid and missing references in the Windows registry. There are several facts that can cause these problems. For instance, by corrupt or missing hardware drivers, after uninstallations, incorrect software removals, between others.

Inconvenients with the Windows registry can cause sudden crashes that can result in data loss. In many cases, these problems can also cause errors messages apparitions. However, if you make use of the program´s capabilities regularly and fix registry errors your system will be more stable, but that´s not all, those capabilities will also help optimize the performance of your system.

Registry Mechanic has been recommended by expert users and advanced editors. It has been referred as the best registry cleaner on the market to fix errors, slowdowns and crashes in Windows.

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